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Also, I was awarded a grant to validate a questionnaire evaluating clinicians’ impressions of electronic decision making tools.

I guess journal editors and reviewers think that I know what I am doing, or maybe they are deferring to my “expertise” because, like my university professors, they are not sure about what to do.

Control questions concern misdeeds that are similar to those being investigated, but refer to the subject's past and are usually broad in scope; for example, "Have you ever betrayed anyone who trusted you?

You should also mention that it was pilot tested on a subset of participants. Should you report the results from the pilot testing or formal data collection?

I think reporting PCA and CA results on the formal data is most useful.

It is kind of strange being called an expert on something that you did not learn from another expert. Nutshell means that I’ve left out a lot of details.

Maybe I will post additional blogs addressing each subject.

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Cardiovascular activity is assessed by a blood pressure cuff.

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